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Automotive / Marine


A solvent free, non-alkaline, water based degreasing detergent designed for hand or machine washing of trucks, cars, buses and farm machinery. Konvoy is a fully biodegradable and non-hazardous wash that is excellent for effective removal of dirt, grease and road grime from all types of vehicles.

KWD Degreaser

A highly alkaline, heavy duty, water based degreaser formulated to shift the toughest oil, grease and dirt from all hard surfaces. KWD Degreaser is an excellent all purpose, fully biodegradable cleaner and degreaser which is suitable for use in all types of industries.

KWD Lube

A multi purpose lubricant designed to displace moisture, penetrate rusted parts, inhibit corrosion and lubricate moving parts. Containing organic oils, Sure Lube is a long lasting lubricant that is water resistant and heat tolerant.

KWD Tyre Gloss

KWD Tyre Gloss is a non silicon based tyre rejuvenator designed specifically for the car detailing and repair industries. KWD Tyre Gloss will penetrate the tyre surface leaving it with a high gloss finish, while sealing and protecting the surface of the tyre at the same time.

Industrial Roll Towel

3Ply perforated absorbent paper towel 360mt, It will absorb most liquids from industrial workshops including oils, fuels and greases, Wall and Floor stands available for easy dispensing.

KWD Brake Kleen

Designed to get great results fast, KWD Brake Kleen is a solvent based cleaner that will help improve the performance and life of your brake pads. KWD Brake Kleen is fast evaporating and helps remove dirt, brake fluid, oils and grease from brake pads with little or no residue.

Kleen Shine

Developed as an interior rejuvenator, Kleen Shine cleans and protects vinyl and leather in all vehicles. Simple to use, this product will give excellent and ongoing long lasting results.