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Body Wash

A versatile wash suitable for the whole body. Body Wash is non-irritant and suitable for the most sensitive skin. Our mild formula is also suitable for use as a gentle shampoo for all hair types leaving hair soft and clean.

KWD Hand Soap

Concentrated liquid hand soap with a combination of mild detergents leaving hands clean and soft.

Gleam Kleen - Spray & Wipe

Water based window and glass cleaner which is streak free and non-smearing. User friendly product which has antibacterial qualities, making it ideal for use as an all-purpose spray and wipe across all areas.

Grill Buster

Heavy duty, low odour alkaline cleaner which cuts through the toughest grease, fat and food soils on hot plates, grills and in ovens. Simply apply to a warm surface, scrub and rinse off with clean water. Powerful product that will reduce cleaning time.

Kleen Chlor Sanitiser

A high foaming, heavy duty alkaline cleaner. It is suitable for cleaning and sanitising in all food processing areas including abattoirs, butchers, fish and poultry factories. A concentrated chlorine based cleaner that is easy to use and free rinsing making it also ideal to use via a foaming gun in toilet and shower blocks.

Kleen San

Developed as a no-rinse sanitiser for use in all food processing and preparation areas. Simply spray on all work areas as the final sanitiser with no need to rinse off.

KWD Bleach Gel

Industrial strength 4% bleach in gel formulation. Excellent for use in all areas bleaching and sanitising is needed.

Krystal Kleen

Premium concentrated manual dishwashing liquid formulated to cut through the toughest grease and food soils. Fully biodegradable, gentle on hands and free rinsing. Krystal Kleen is perfect for use in all kitchens.

Krystal Kleen Economy

Low viscosity, lemon scented budget dishwashing liquid.

Methylated Spirits

An industrial strength methylated spirit (95%)

Power Wash

Automated feed machine dishwashing detergent which is caustic free and ideal for all water types. Power Wash is fully biodegradable and suitable for all commercial dish washers. Helps reduce calcium build up leaving dishes and utensils squeaky clean.

Power Rinse

Highly effective machine rinse and drying agent suitable for all commercial dish washers. Formulated as a quick drying product that leaves all dishware spot free. Power Rinse contains water softeners making it excellent for use in all water types. For best results use in conjunction with Power Wash.

Sodium Hypochlorite

Chlorine bleach, contains 12.5% of available chlorine.

Powder Dish

Super concentrated dishwashing machine powder formulated to leave all dishware sparkling clean. Ready soluble concentrated powder suitable for all water types and all types of domestic and commercial machines.


Specially developed detergent for all types of automated glass washers. Reflector is a concentrated blend of surfactants and water softeners which will give excellent results in all water types leaving glasses clean with a spot free finish.

Phoskleen 60

An acidic based detergent which may be used for a variety of cleaning purposes including abattoirs and food preparation areas. Excellent for the removal of scale and rust from varied surfaces including dishwashers.


Alkaline based, super strength, biodegradable cleaner suitable for all hard surfaces. Formulated to be used as a spray and wipe cleaner, Titan is ideal for the removal of grease and heavy soil from floors, benches and all hard surfaces.

Top Shelf

A 2 part beer line cleaner which is highly effective in maintaining line cleanliness and hygiene.

T.S.P Powder

Designed for manual glass soaking, automatic glass washing and beer line cleaning. T.S.P Powder is suitable in all water conditions and safe and simple to use.