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Sparkle Disinfectant

Commercial grade disinfectant formulated to clean and disinfect areas such as toilets, showers, sporting clubs, office areas and anywhere that has odours present. Available in lemon, boronia and musk fragrances. Sparkle is biodegradable and safe for all areas including septics.

Toilet Kleen

Powerful toilet bowl and urinal cleaner leaving surfaces clean and sanitised. Designed to remove the toughest stains, calcium build up and scale, Toilet Kleen is a user friendly product leaving a pleasant fragrance.

Kleen Air

An effective, long lasting air freshener and deodorant, Kleen Air is designed to combat stubborn odours including that of tobacco. The highly residual ‘Kleen Air’ fragrance makes it suitable for use in washrooms, hotel/motel rooms and garbage collection areas. Kleen Air can also be used as a light duty cleaner for table tops, bars and is ideal on high gloss floors.

Air Spike

A newly developed air freshener which has all the properties of Kleen Air but has a slightly spicier fragrance.


A free rinsing cream cleanser specially formulated to clean a wide range of surfaces without harsh scratching. Can be used on basins, baths, tiles and stainless steel surfaces.

Kleen Blocks

A 3 way cleaning and deodorising block. Kleen Blocks are a heavy duty cleaner to emulsify soilage, a long term deodoriser to mask, absorb and neutralise odours and a safeguard against uric acid build up. Kleen Blocks are fully biodegradable and dissolve with water keeping drains clean and odour free.

Karpet Kleen

An easy to use product that is suitable for spotting, hand cleaning or being dispensed through a machine. Suitable for household or vehicle carpet cleaning, Karpet Kleen will leave carpets clean with a fresh fragrance.

Bio Kleen

Multi purpose cleaner sanitiser excellent for a variety of uses including bathroom and toilet areas. Made from naturally occurring citrus solvents, Bio Kleen is fully biodegradable. Removes soap scum and body fat from bathroom areas with ease leaving a fresh citrus fragrance.

Double Kleen

A floor cleaner/polish designed to help restore the appearance of polished floors. Removes scuff marks, soil and dirt effectively. Also lengthens polish life and makes fast buffing easy.

Kleen Strip

Environmentally friendly powerful floor cleaner designed to remove sealer, wax, dirt and built up residue from most floors. Not suitable for timber floors.

KWD Super Seal

A premium floor sealer suitable for most floors and designed for durability and a long lasting gloss finish. KWD Super Seal contains a high solid content with a high non-slip rating.