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Unit 3, 22 Prestige Parade, Wangara W.A. 6065


Toilet RollsCarton
Jumbo 2 ply - 300metre8
Mini Jumbo18
Standard 2 ply 400 sheet48
Standard 2 ply 700 sheet48
Premium 2 ply 400 sheet48
Standard 1 ply 1000 sheet48
Interleave 2 ply 250 sheet36
Facial TissuesCarton
2 ply 100's48
2 ply 200's32
Hand TowelCarton
Roll Towel - 80 mtr16
Centre Feed Roll Towel4
Slim Line (23cm X 23cm)4000
Compact Towel (20cm x 24cm)2400
Ultra Slim (23cm x 23.5cm)2400
Extra Large (23cm x 37cm)
Motel and Caravan Park ConsumablesCarton
Rosche Pleated Wrapped Soap 20g500
Rosche Wrapped Soap Sachet 15g500
Rosche Wrapped Laundry Powder
Sachet 40g
Rosche Shower Cap250
Rosche Tooth Brush and Paste200
Rosche Shaving Kit200
Rosche Vanity Kit250
Rosche Shampoo 30ml300
Rosche Conditioner 30ml300
Rosche Shampoo and Conditioner
2 in 1 30ml
Pental Wrapped Soap 100g72
Pental Wrapped Soap 40g250
Bushells Coffee Sachets1000
Nescafe Coffee Sticks1000
Lipton Envelope Teabags1000
Lipton Catering Teabags1000
CSR Sugar Sticks2000
Dairy Farmers Milk Portions 15ml240
Devondale Long Life Milk 150ml32
Clear View Soap Dispensers 900mL
Dishwasher Dispensing Equipment
Industrial Laundry Dispensers
Sink Dispensers
Drum Spanners
Black Taps and Quick Serve Taps
20ltr Top Taps
250ml, 500ml, 1ltr, 5ltr, 20ltr Containers
Trigger Sprays
5ltr and 20ltr Pumps
Hydro Foamer
Washroom and Janitorial Dispensers
Hand Towel Dispensers (slim line, ultra slim, compact, centre feed, roll towel)
Toilet Roll Dispensers (400 sheet, 1000 sheet, jumbo rolls, interleaved)
Hand Soap Dispenser (Aqium hand soap)
Floor & Window Cleaning Equipment
Poly Cotton Mop, 450g, 600g and 750g White
Oates Coloured Mop 400g, Blue, Green and Red
Mop Bucket (Heavy Duty)
Cleaning In Progress Sign
Aluminium Floor Squeege, 450mm, 600mm
Wooden Floor Squeege, 450mm, 600mm
Various Floor Pads for Stripping, Buffing and Burnishing, 400mm, Ctn 5
Eager Beaver Tools and Pads
Stainless Steel Window Washer
Brooms, Brushes & Pails
Premium Household and Industrial Brooms, Dust Pan and Brooms, Truck & Car Washing Brooms, Toilet Brushes, Bottle brushes, Cobweb Brooms, Scrubbing Brushes & Various Size Pails