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Powder Fresh

A premium, concentrated laundry powder that has inbuilt whiteners and is enzyme boosted. Effective in hot and cold water. Powder Fresh provides excellent soil removal and is suitable for all commercial and domestic machines, including front loaders. Powder Fresh is sulfate reduced and
contains less fillers than most, making it truly concentrated and fully biodegradable.
5kg, 12kg, 20kg & 25kg.

Soft N Fresh

A commercial grade fabric softener which leaves clothes static free and easily ironed. Added to the final rinse, Soft N Fresh leaves all garments soft and with a pleasant fragrance.

Kleen Spot

Kleen Spot is a pre-wash spray that combines citrus enzymes, surfactants and degreasing agents to remove the most stubborn stains. This easy to use product is designed to remove a wide range of different dirt and stains enabling better results to be achieved in the laundry.

White N Fresh

A dual action whitener and sanitiser suitable for all fabric types. Oxygenated formula is suitable for all whites and colours. White N Fresh also provides excellent stain removal results on cutlery and crockery when soaked.

Powder Bleach

Chlorinated bleach for commercial laundry applications. Controlled release of chlorine in Powder Bleach will remove stains, sanitise and assist whiteness retention in most fabrics. Will help to prevent greying caused by soil deposition or water impurities. Not recommended for resin treated fabrics such as drip-dry on non-iron fabrics, silk or wool.

Industrial Laundry

Liquid Fresh

A premium laundry liquid that is designed to provide outstanding results in hot or cold water. Liquid Fresh is environmentally friendly and being concentrated ensures great value in commercial and domestic uses. Laundry is left with a fresh linen fragrance.

Soft N Sour

A highly effective souring agent used in commercial laundry systems which can prevent yellowing and will remove residual alkalinity from the wash. With softening attributes, garments will be left static free and have less wrinkling making ironing more efficient.


A super concentrated alkaline builder that emulsifies oily soils and prevents redeposition. Alkali provides unsurpassed soil removal and is highly effective in all water types and temperatures.

Hydrogen Peroxide

An effective, stable whitening agent suitable for all fabric types, reducing rewashing and processing time.