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Rationale Imports

Manual Oil Pumps & Accessories
20ltr Drum Pumps
20ltr Spring loaded
205ltr Rotary
205ltr Lever
Suction Pumps, Oil Cans, 1ltr Multipurpose Pump, Plastic Oil Measures, Funnel
Air Operated Oil Dispensing Equipment & Accessories
Air Operated 25ltr,30ltr, 60ltr / minute.
Digital/Manual oil control Guns.
Drum Trolleys. Oil Taps and Valves.
Waste Oil Handling Equipment
Motorcycle/ Truck waste Oil Drainer
20ltr to 120ltr Tanks.
Manual Grease Guns & Accessories
Pistol Grip, Lever Grip, Foot Operated Grease Plunger, Couplers, Grease Injector Needle.
Speedy Grease Gun.
Air Operated Greasing Equipment & Accessories
50:1, 60:1, 80:1, Compression Ratio
Retractable Hose Reels & Accessories
Air, Water, Oil Hose Reels.
Diesel Fuel Dispensing Equipment
205ltr Rotary Pumps/20ltr/38ltr/100ltr per minute.
12 volt and 240 volt Diesel bowsers and pumps.
3-4 digital mechanical meters.
Diesel transfer nozzles.
Urea/Adblue Dispensing Equipment
205ltr Rotary Pumps
1000ltr Pod Kit
1:1 Air Operated stub pumps
Meters, nozzles, hoses etc
Grease Nipples & Accessories
Agricultural, Imperial, Metric nipples.
Stainless Steel Nipples.
Grease Nipple Installers, Caps, Testers and unblockers.
Speedy Grease Guns
Rationale Imports
The fastest and most reliable grease gun in Australia. High PSI and twice the pump rate of your traditional grease gun.